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  9. Viivo with Google Drive AND Dropbox?
  10. Windows Explorer Icons
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  12. Linux version
  13. Very disappointing flaw - files uploaded before encryption - this is NOT secure!
  14. How to automatically delete decrypted files
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  16. can viivo be setup like cryptsync
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  18. Strange renaming behavior using Lockers on Mac and Windows PCs at same time
  19. Multi-Factor Authentication
  20. Technical Support Request
  21. Broken/stolen laptop scenario
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  23. viivo high cpu usage
  24. How to give permissions to specific subfolders in a locker
  25. Viivo and XYplorer
  26. conf.viivo file deleted in google drive, syncing lockers lost, changes lost
  27. Password
  28. Delete account
  29. Viivo with onedrive - 3 computers, 2 of them cloned
  30. Files sent unencrypted to dropbox?
  31. Viewing/decrypting multiple files at once, or by folder
  32. Files Not Being Encrypted
  33. Encrypting / decrypting files when Internet or servers are down + using no Viivo PC
  34. Viivo loses files when it quarantines!
  35. Product Direction / Development
  36. encryption in a shared folder when a guest adds files
  37. Best practice for employee termination?
  38. Viivo End Of Life
  39. Viivo End of Life - questions
  40. please help me
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