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  1. Retina graphics
  2. Option to override path length limits on systems that support longer paths
  3. Key Management
  4. Windows Phone
  5. 2 Factor Authentication
  6. Compatibility with Conflicted Copy Pro
  7. Compatibility with Dropbox Badges
  8. Selective automatic decryption sync or sync multiple folders
  9. Ver 3: Why not leverage all this functionality for Mirroring?
  10. a few requests for V3
  11. Full/Easier compatability with Mobile Drives
  12. Encrypted Photo Sync on mobile
  13. Viimo intergration with a Chromebook/Box
  14. 'Locking' Viivo
  15. Recent File Locator
  16. Proxy Server support with authtentication
  17. Filename encryption questions
  18. Progress indicator
  19. Tresorit Support?