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  1. Installing or Removing Viivo from the Desktop
  2. Can I change my VIIVO folder location?
  3. Can Viivo remember my password or do I always have to put it in on start up?
  4. Why canít I access the folders in viivo_encrypted?
  5. What do the icons on the folders mean? - Mobile
  6. Mobile: What is the PIN code?
  7. "You have not yet been granted access to decrypt this folder." Mobile
  8. Mobile: What are favorites and how do they work?
  9. Can I encrypt files from my mobile device?
  10. What are Notifications? Desktop
  11. What are notifications? Mobile
  12. Mobile: What does the Local Storage option do?
  13. Change my Master Password - Desktop
  14. I forgot my password, is there a way to get it back?
  15. Securing Existing Dropbox Files and Folders
  16. Creating a Secure Viivo Encrypted Share - Desktop
  17. Securing an Existing Dropbox Share with Viivo - Desktop
  18. Migrating from Secret Sync to Viivo
  19. Viivo Security
  20. SecretSync Downloads
  21. Step-by-step instructions for decrypting
  22. Local Viivo Files
  23. Viivo Technical Terms
  24. Getting Log Files - Windows
  25. New Features for VIIVO v2.1 - COMPRESSSION
  26. New Features for VIIVO v2.1 - SWITCH CLOUD PROVIDER
  27. New Features for VIIVO v2.1 - INSIDE TUNNEL LOCATIONS
  28. Release Notes 2.1 updates
  29. New Features for iOS Viivo v2.2 - Pass Through Decryption
  30. How do I restore file?
  31. Group sharing