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Thread: Favorites not available when offline on ios6

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    Favorites not available when offline on ios6

    I'm testing out Viivo on ios6 synced with Dropbox. Everything works fine except I can only ever view/decrypt files when I'm online. I assumed that making a file a favorite would cache a local decrypted copy, in the same way as Dropbox does natively (minus the decryption of course). Have I misunderstood how the Viivo favorites are meant to work, and it's really just a quick way to access commonly used files when online?

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    Hello hywel,

    The Favorites feature was designed to cache a local encrypted copy of a file, so that it can be decrypted when offline. Unfortunately, this feature is currently not working as intended.

    We have opened a ticket with our Developers to fix this. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we will let you know as soon as this has been corrected!

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    Hello Joe

    Is there any update on this being fixed? I was hoping it was going to be working in the November release for iOS, but unfortunately not. I would have thought this was critical to adoption on iOS for those times you are roaming and want to avoid lengthy downloads and costly bandwidth. I find myself thinking very hard before putting files into Viivo for this reason, and usually just use Dropbox natively to ensure availability to my files (though sacrificing your great security).


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    Hey Hywel,

    We just released a new version of the iOS app 2.2.28. Unfortunately, in this release your defect is not addressed. Our iOS team is working on your defect now and it will be included in the next released version of iOS. We appreciate the patience.

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    We just released a new version of Viivo for iOS which should include a fix for you. Thanks for your patience and continued support of Viivo.

    Release notes can be found here:

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