Version - 2.1.23

Released 10/23/2013

Features / Changes:
"Delete On Deny" - When a Viivo user is removed from a Viivo share by the moderator, not only do they lose the keys to decrypt the shared files, but they are also kicked out of the Dropbox share and lose access to the files in the share.

Multiple Cloud Providers - We are excited to say Viivo supports working with more than just Dropbox. We now support working with Box, Google Drive, and SkyDrive out of the box. This is for desktop only. We also support a custom tunnel which will allow you to use a different cloud provider or your own secure folder if you wish. In 2.1, you can only select 1 cloud provider at a time, but we are looking into supporting many cloud providers all at 1 time for future versions.

Compression - Now when Viivo encrypts and secures your files, it also compresses them. This will result in smaller files in your cloud. This should allow for faster upload/download to the cloud.

Bug fixes - Some small bug fixes with UTF8 characters and performance.