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Thread: 2.2.23 - 11/07/2013 - iOS Release

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    2.2.23 - 11/07/2013 - iOS Release

    Version - 2.2.23

    Released 11/07/2013

    Features / Changes:
    Pass Through Decryption - learn more about it here
    iOS7 - New Look and Feel, optimized for iOS7
    Performance improvments for users with large Dropbox accounts
    Pull to refresh - Update your current folder view by down pulling down

    Known Issue(s)
    • Linking to Dropbox account without the Dropbox App installed may crash Viivo.
      • Workaround is to have the Dropbox App installed.

    • Mobile only users (no desktop computers linked with Viivo account) will not send requests to join shares.
      • Fix is coming soon, current workaround is to install Viivo on the Windows or Mac to send request. This only affects users who share with Dropbox and Viivo.
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