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Thread: How to open .viivo files on ipad

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    How to open .viivo files on ipad

    Hello, I've installed viivo on my mac, pc and ipad. It is really working fine on mac an pc, but I do not see the use of the Ipad app, as it is impossible to open viivo files.
    On mac and pc, de decrypted files are in viivo folder, but on Ipad, no viivo folder excists, so only the encrypted files, and those can not be opened.
    I read something about the "open in" feature on ipad, but even then, when I choose viivo, it sais it cannot be opened..
    So what's the use of the ipad app?
    Thanks for your reply

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    The iOS application is currently a reader only. What this means is that we do not encrypt any data on your mobile device, but we will decrypt it so you can view it. So it looks like what you are trying to do should be able to be done in the current version.

    There are 2 ways to decrypt files in the iOS application
    1. Connect Viivo with Dropbox and read/decrypt files from there
    • This only works if you have your encrypted files there

    2. Pass the .Viivo file to the Viivo app on your iOS device
    • This allows any cloud provider to work
    • This allows email transport of .viivo file

    The error you are seeing might be caused by the file type. If the file type is unknown to the Viivo app, it cannot preview it.

    What type of file are you trying to open in Viivo?

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    Hello Jack,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I understand what you write.
    The file I try to open is a pdf file. But visible extension is viivo.
    When opening, it's mentioned: "can't preview file".

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    Do you have a PDF viewer application installed on your iPad?

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    Also, can you see this PDF file on your desktop?

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    Hello Jack
    Yes, I do have a pdf reader installed, and the pdf file can be read on desktop.
    On mac and pc, I do not have any issue.

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    Very odd. What happens if you rename the pdf file to "test.pdf" on your computer in the Viivo folder.

    HEre is what I am expecting:
    Viivo folder : test.pdf
    Dropbox\Viivo-Encrypted Folder: test.pdf.viivo

    Then in the iOS app, try to open test.pdf.viivo.

    Does that work ? (I am wondering if it's a problem with your filename somehow?)

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    Hello Jack,
    I did what you mentioned, and ...... It works ��
    The pdf file can be opened vía the viivo app.
    I've no clue why it didn't worked, but it works fine now!
    Thank you for your help

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