2.3.29 - 01/16/2014 - Mac OS X Release
Version - 2.3.29

Released 01/16/2014

File System Watcher
You asked. We listened. One of the more common bits of feedback we get on Viivo is that it is simply too slow to detect changes to the file system. This was largely due to our polling implementation. It wasn't particularly quick and it had a tendency to be resource intensive on systems with large numbers of files. The File System Watcher (FSW) now watches for system events and detects changes made in your Viivo folder and cloud folder near instantaneously. This feature was a big effort and we hope you will be impressed.

Viivo Edit
To better accommodate Viivo users with Box as their cloud provider, we have built in special support for BoxEdit. BoxEdit allows Box users to click a special "Edit" button directly in their browser with seamless save-back directly to Box. No desktop sync software agent is required. Viivo Edit for Box integrates with the BoxEdit workflow:

1. Through their web browser, a Box user navigates to a .viivo file stored on Box.com
2. User selects "Edit" from the preview screen and BoxEdit downloads the encrypted file
3. Viivo Edit automatically opens file and decrypts it (so long as you have the decryption key)
4. Viivo Edit automatically opens the file in your default productivity application
5. User edits/saves the file and closes the productivity application
6. Viivo Edit detects changes, re-encrypts file with changes and hands it back to BoxEdit
7. Box Edit re-uploads new Viivo file.

Viivo Drop Zone
Viivo DropZone is a quick way to encrypt a single file without having to use a tunnel pair with your cloud provider. You simply point the Drop Zone at any location your computer can see (even removable media) and we will encrypt anything dropped on the "Drop Zone" to that location.

Upload Logs to Viivo Support
This is the part where Apple is like "200 new features" but you can only find 3. As we tried to deliver the best support possible to our growing user base, we needed an easier way to get information from users in need of support. We learned one of our first interactions with all our users is to get the user to submit logs from the system. So instead of continuing to ask our users to track down the log files, we now have a button in the Viivo Manager a user can press to submit log files to the Viivo team. When posting in the forum now, a user can reference logs from their device and the Viivo support team should be able to react faster to the support inquiry.