2.4.3 - 03/05/2014 - iOS Release

Version - 2.4.3

Features / Changes:
Mobile Encryption on your iOS devices for Pro Users

How to:
1. Open your favorite productivity app, messaging app, or multimedia app
2. Work on your file and when you are ready to encrypt your file, look for an "Open In" option (most apps have this option)
3. From the "Open In" app listing, select Viivo
4. Viivo will launch
5. If you are a Pro user, you will be able to select the destination folder to encrypt and upload your file to
6. If you select a private folder, Viivo will encrypt it for just you, alternatively if you select a Dropbox shared folder, Viivo will encrypt it for the share
7. Tap done and Viivo will get to the encrypting and uploading
8. After Viivo is done, you should see your newly encrypted file in your Dropbox folder

Short video demo here:

If you'd like to become a Pro user to take advantage of this sweet new feature, visit https://viivo.com/

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