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Thread: 2.6.12 - 07/30/2014 - Mac OS X Release

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    2.6.12 - 07/30/2014 - Mac OS X Release

    Version - 2.6.12

    Released: 07/30/2014

    Release Notes
    • Added standard right-click options for OS X
    • Added Custom right-click menu options
    • Added list of recently changed files to the Viivo Menu
    • Improved server communication
    • Improved error reporting

    Recent file tracking
    Now if you click on the Viivo system tray, you will get a list of the most recent files you've been working on. if you select one of the files, it will open it for you as well.

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    Unable to upgrade on my Mavericks system. Trying to go from 2.4.53 to 2.6.17. I get automatic update message. When I click yes, the latest version file gets downloaded. I click on the downloaded file and the 2.6.17 disk image gets mounted. A dialog box appears that says to double click to install. When I double click, another dialog box pops up that states that there is a new version and if I want to update that it will start the browser to download the file and then close the browser.

    If I select yes, it downloads the file again. If I select No, it just restarts Viivo.

    Each time I click on the new, update I keep getting the message that the browser will be restarted, file downloaded, etc. It never actually installs the new file.

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    Getting error message:

    'NoneType' object has no attribute'Show'

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    Hi nsg219.

    Can you upload your log files so we can review them?

    Regarding your installation, if you know your username and password, you can Delete the Viivo application, then download the .dmg from the website, mount the installer, doubleclick it to run and you should be able to install the new version.

    IF that errors, we'd want to capture those logs from console too.

    Please PM me the email address you signed up to Viivo with when you get a moment.


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