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Thread: A few remarks/issues on the v2.6.9

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    A few remarks/issues on the v2.6.9

    Dear Viivo-Team!

    Just downloaded the android version of viivo and few things looked a little off, could be of interest for you.

    1. When the app is denied the IMEI-Number of the phone, it crashes badly. My phone is configured by default to do that. I had to make an exception so no biggie.

    2. On startup, the app tells me:
    "There are no Viivo-Files in your DropBox Account. Click below to start securing your DropBox. I do have a Viivo-encrypted Folder in the DropBox but it is in a subfolder. You can't continue until you let the mobile app create a Viivo-encrypted Folder in the DropBox-Root-Folder.

    I guess that the Pro-Version will encrypt its files also in that Root-Level-Folder which would mean that my Viivo-Desktop wouldn't decrypt it because it is looking at another folder (root/subfolder/Viivo-encrypted).

    I think that's a rather urgent problem.

    3. Menu/Demo-Video leads on my Browser to "404 not found"

    4. Of course it doesn't work with filename encryption turned on. So for now I can't use the app.

    Other than that, the setup, login, and decryption of a a few files (without fne) looked fine.

    regards Heinz

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    1. Sorry, this is required when we register your device with the Viivo Server
    2. I have logged a defect with the engineering team as the Viivo-Encrypted shouldn't be required in the root of Dropbox anymore since Viivo functionality has grown. In the Pro version of Viivo on Android, you can encrypt files and they will be uploaded back to your Dropbox. You can actually select the destination, so if you select a location that is a child of the Viivo-Encrypted folder, it will get automatically decrypted on your desktop. Otherwise if will just remain encrypted on your cloud on your desktop.
    3. Oops, the mobileintro page must have been lost in the conversion to our new website. I will get the re-direct fixed.
    4. You are correct. FNE doesn't work on Android yet.

    Thanks for the feedback

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