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    Windows Phone

    Love the product. Would really love a Windows Phone app! Thx

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    Curious if you're willing to say more about your Windows Phone use cases. Protection of data in specific apps? On the file system? For cloud providers? Interested in encryption on the device or just decryption?

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    I chose Windows Phone because of the extensive use of Microsoft products (Exchange, RDWeb, Office etc) at work. It integrates wonderfully (sort of like Blackberry in the old days). I suspect that this integration will become all the more common with Windows 10. As a result, I have tons of OneDrive storage (>100GB) and have added Viivo to provide encryption. From a computer standpoint, I have a Macbook Pro at home and Windows 7/8 computers at work. The only missing piece is my phone. If an app was available, I would anticipate that it would provide full access to my OneDrive files, both encrypted and un-encrypted. Decryption and local access (Excel and Word files etc) would be essential. It would also be great to receive an email/attachment, select save or share and be able to add it to OneDrive in an encrypted state.

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