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Thread: 2 Factor Authentication

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    2 Factor Authentication

    Sorry to start 2 threads at once (Windows Phone) but I have another feature request. 2 Factor Authentication. Authenticator apps are fine although services such as DuoSecurity, Entersekt would be ideal. Thx

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    Viivo Pro/Business supports "Toopher" for multi-factor authentication. I suspect I am missing your point though as you said "Authenticator apps are fine although..."

    When we added it, Toopher and Duo were very close in functionality. Duo has added support for tons of other options which is possibly why you suggested them. Is there something about the Toopher design/implementation that you're specifically opposed to?

    That said - we do have plans to add other 2FA providers and were going to go the Google Authenticator route next. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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    Sorry for my lack of clarity. When I referred to "Authenticator apps", I meant number generators like Google authenticator. These are fine but not as convenient as products like Duo or Toopher. Toopher and Duo are nearly identical in their functionality. My company uses Duo, however, because they support all phone platforms while Toopher only works with iPhone and Android.

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