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Thread: Selective automatic decryption sync or sync multiple folders

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    Selective automatic decryption sync or sync multiple folders

    I propose that one of two features are added, both of which can address the same problem. I have a laptop with a small SSD that I would like to selectively sync some of the content from Google Drive as I have insufficient space on my local disk to decrypt everything. At the same time I want to automatically decrypt everything on my desktop with its large hard drive and lots of extra free space. One option would be to allow us to select at the sub folder level within the "Viivo-Encrypted" folder what gets synchronized/decrypted. The other option seems like it would be to allow multiple storage services, that way we could create two folders at the "Viivo-Encrypted" level one that I synced on mobile devices and one that I did not. Any interested in this idea?

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    We believe VIIVO version 3.0 (currently in Beta) may provide the functionality you desire.

    Version 3 will offer a new feature called "Lockers". More information about Lockers can be found here:

    The Beta software is available here:

    (IMPORTANT - Before choosing to install the Version 3 Beta software, please note that all PCs / Macs using the same account under VIIVO v3 will also have to updated as well. Once updated, you will not be able to be reverted back to the 2.x software.)

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    Joe, thank you so much for your response. Lockers does exactly what I was looking for. 3.0 is really looking like a great release, I am excited for it.

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