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Thread: Why VIIVO want access to my contacts?

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    Why VIIVO want access to my contacts?


    Why the Android VIIVO app want to have access to my contacts? If this can not be deactivated then the app will not be installed. Can you please help.


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    One of the things we're trying to achieve with Viivo is to make encryption easier to use for everyone. One way in which we do that is to allow you to encrypt a file for someone who is not yet on Viivo. To make this easier, we are working on a feature that will allow you to pick people from your contacts who should be able to access the encrypted file.

    We also use the email addresses of your contacts to retrieve public encryption information for them to make it easier to discover friends, family, and coworkers that are on Viivo.

    The only thing we look at from your contacts is the email address. This information is never stored on our servers and will never be shared or sold. We will never solicit your contacts to join Viivo.

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