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Thread: Passcode not being accepted

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    Passcode not being accepted

    Viivo App: 3.1.6
    Android: 5.1 (LMY47D) (Nexus 5)

    Settings | Passcode lock.

    I set a Passcode, and the second verification works fine.
    I let the phone go for a while. Upon return, Iím prompted over-and-over and keep entering the passcode. Canít get in. I need to Clear-Data for the Viivo application and re-init from the beginning.

    Anyone else seeing this?

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    Jan 2013
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, our development is working on it!

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    Having same issue and unable to access mission critical files while on the traveling on the road. Looking like a not ready for prime time application. First big test and it's starting to look like a crash and burn.

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    As the original post was with an older version of the app, can you confirm which version you are seeing this issue on?

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