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Thread: 3.0.95 - 07/21/2015 - Mac OS X Release

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    3.0.95 - 07/21/2015 - Mac OS X Release

    Version - 3.0.95

    Released 07/21/2015

    We've listened to feedback from beta users and Viivo 2.X user to build a new version of Viivo, Viivo 3.0. This is the most configurable version of Viivo we have ever released. In this version, you can sync and protect files with multiple cloud providers simultaneously. You can setup Viivo to manage Viivo keys for all cloud providers, not just Dropbox. For the 1st time ever, you have the option to configure and use Viivo to only maintain encrypted copies of your files on your local disk. We've rethought the user interface and updated the underlying toolkit to provide a better user experience. We've tried to build some in-application tutorials to help you get started protecting your files.

    Release Notes
    • New Viivo Lockers
    • Support for Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) with Google Authenticator
    • New User Interface in Viivo Manager using a new release of the graphical toolkit

    Note: If you upgrade one of your devices to Viivo 3.0, you will need to upgrade all of your devices to Viivo 3.0.

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    Version 3.0 for Mac Manual


    I just upgraded from version 2 to version 3 and would like some explanation of the new user interface. I did see your one link describing the Lockers. What about Keys? And encrypting the filenames. Some sort of full manual would be handy.
    I'm using Viivo for personal use, but I'm also evaluating it for my clients. Clients like manuals.

    Thank you,

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    Hey xcellentmac,

    We don't really have a full blown document for Viivo. We have some FAQs here: We currently have the Lockers page (which I think you are referring to which explains the big new feature in Viivo 3.0.

    As for the Keys tab, it's essentially the Assets tab from 2.6. No new additions.

    It shows a list of all the Asset Keys you have access to. If you are the moderator of an Asset, you can distribute keys for access by adding people to the list (or checking their name if they already exist). You can allow and deny people access to the keys which will control who can decrypt the files created with the Viivo Assets.

    When you create a new Locker, you create a set of Asset Keys. It defaults to the name of the folder that contains the .viivo files. You can share these files and allow others access to decrypt the files by granting them Asset keys.

    Does that help? If you have other questions, just ask, as I am sure others will have them as well.

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