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Thread: Version 3.0.95 - Server error

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    Version 3.0.95 - Server error

    Firstly not a huge fan of the new interface but within setting the locker status shows watching but server status reads error!

    The application appears to be syncing (assuming that is correct) I don't understand why its reporting server error.

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    Sorry to hear you don't like the new interface. What don't you like about it. Are there things you would suggest to make it better? While we can't do make the app exactly the way everyone wants it, we love hearing what you like/ don't like.

    As for the server error, that's not right. If you submit your logs, we can take a look and see if we can determine what is happening.

    To submit your logs, open the Viivo Manager, hold shift and double click settings. A Tech Support Operations window will open with a button to submit your logs.

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