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Thread: Sharing on Viivo 3

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    Sharing on Viivo 3

    I had a problem that i was unable to share any folders as per the instructions provided.

    Eventually i have been told that if my dropbox locker was created before i updated to version 3 then i am unable to share without creating a new encrypted folder.

    What is the best route to recreate this folder to allow sharing with version 3?


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    The easiest way to do this is to open the Viivo Manager, and create a new locker in Dropbox in a new empty folder. Then if you are creating a synced locker or a non-synced locker, add your un-encrypted files to the appropriate place. The un-encrypted files will get encrypted with a different Viivo Asset which you can then share with others. Lastly, share the folder of encrypted files on and you should be done.

    More info here:

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