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Thread: VIIVO Timing Issue

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    VIIVO Timing Issue

    A timing issue has been discovered that may occur with VIIVO v3.x products. Manifestations of this timing issue may result in receiving one of the following messages:

    - "Temp directory created but no content extracted"

    - "You no longer have access to open this file"

    The VIIVO Developers are looking into this issue. In the meantime, the steps below can be used as a work-around:

    1. Kill VIIVO
    a. Either kill the task in Activity Monitor (mac)/Task Manager (win) or by clicking the icon in the system tray and selecting Exit
    2. Browse to the VIIVO application data folder
    a. Mac:
    i. Open Finder
    ii. Select Go -> Go To Folder from Menu Bar
    iii. In the pop up, enter “~/Library/Application Support/”
    iv. Find the folder named “Viivo”
    v. Only proceed if you are 100% positive you know your current email and password for Viivo
    vi. Right click on the folder and move it to the trash
    b. Windows:
    i. Open Explorer
    ii. Browse to folder %localappdata%\Viivo\
    iii. Find the folder named “Data:
    iv. Only proceed if you are 100% positive you know your current email and password for Viivo
    v. Right click on the folder Data and delete it.
    3. Start VIIVO
    a. You should see an empty log in screen with a empty email / password
    i. If you do not, you need to re-do step #2 until you do.
    4. Log in to VIIVO
    5. Open the Manager (before enabling ANY Locker to sync)
    a. In the VIIVO Manager, open the Settings Tab
    b. Uncheck the option to display alerts
    6. Set Up Locker for Syncing
    a. To ensure no data is lost, select a new empty folder to use as your decrypted synced folder
    7. VIIVO will decrypt all files in the locker
    8. Once the Status of VIIVO is back to “watching” open the Viivo Manager and select the Notifications tab
    a. Confirm there are no problems loaded
    9. Review your synced folders to ensure all your data is present.
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