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Thread: Filename encryption questions

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    Filename encryption questions

    I was using Viivo and tried to use the filename encryption option only to find out it is "coming soon". But after reading this page:, and the linked forum post I had a few questions. Is this feature still planned? The thread was closed 10 months ago. The page also mentions that as it stands now, folder names are not encrypted. Is that going to change because that is just as important in my opinion.
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    The FNE button is in the 3.* product to help us gauge the interest in the FNE feature within Viivo (as in we track how many people click it). Due to a very low demand for the feature, it is not being implemented for the foreseeable future.

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    I believe the majority of people using Viivo are interested in privacy therefore filename encryption is a must.

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    I am also very interested in this feature.
    If I encrypt a cloud folder, leaving the filenames not ecnrypted is already providing far to omuch info on which file(s) to target.

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    I would definitely be interested in this feature. I'm reviewing several solutions right now trying to decide which one to go with and this is the single biggest negative (and really one of the only downsides I have seen so far) about viivo. I like everything else about viivo better than boxcryptor and cryptomator but those other two have the option or just do filename and directory encryption. I can understand the reasons not to and I also understand how those other two products work differently so it makes it easier to do from a programming/logistics standpoint.

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