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    Progress indicator


    I am using Viivo to encrypt some large folders (up to 1TB) before archiving them in the cloud. As it takes some time for Viivo to complete the initial encryption it would be nice to be able to have an indication of progress (number of files/mbytes encrypted) in addition to the relatively useless locker status of "Resolving". I think this feature is going to be useful to more and more people as drive capacity increases and cloud storage prices continue to fall (who wouldn't want to store everything they have on Amazon Drive now they offer unlimited storage for $60/year).


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    I'll second this request. Would be nice.

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    I'll third this request. I only have around 12GB to encrypt on one PC and then decrypt on another and it's taking ages with no idea of how long remains. Wifi keeps dropping out and although it is unlikely that Viivo is implicated I still need to know how much time I need before I can go to bed!

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