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Thread: Major problem after taking a folder out of Viivo and putting it back

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    Major problem after taking a folder out of Viivo and putting it back


    I use Viivo on my Mac Air (running El Cap) and a windows PC. This morning, I moved one of my most important folders out of Viivo and tried to place it in the Mac dock so that it would work as a stack. After opening the stack and not liking how it worked, I decided to move it back into the Viivo folder.

    Well, all of this seemed to drive Viivo crazy. I guess by removing it, Viivo started erasing all the files on the cloud, and when I replace it, Viivo started replacing all the files. This would be fine, but now quite a few of the subfolders are empty. All the main folders are there, and the files within them appear to be fine. It is the files starting in folders one level below the main folders that are gone, and they are also gone on my PC.

    This is a major disaster for me. How do I open a technical support ticket for this? Thank you!

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    Sorry - bit of a delay in getting back to you here. Still an issue?

    I'm sure you've figured this out by now, but you can login to the dropbox website and restore the files that were deleted. Dropbox has a "show deleted files" icon that will make them available. Once you restore them, your computers will sync them and Viivo will decrypt them.

    Not ideal for sure, but should keep you from losing anything.

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