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Thread: Broken/stolen laptop scenario

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    Broken/stolen laptop scenario

    I am evaluating viivo for use on my laptop only. My preference is to upload encrypted files to the cloud or to put encrypted files onto usb drive and not keep unencrypted files on my laptop (or anywhere else). Now let's say my laptop breaks or is stolen and I get a replacement. If I setup viivo on the new machine using the same password and email address can I then decrypt my files as if nothing had happened or is it more complicated than that.


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    As long as you know your password then yes. You can also test this if you wanted by installing Viivo on multiple machines or a virtual machine and attempting to access the data from the other.

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    But Michael, what about the fact that Viivo has stored the decrypted files on the laptop?! All the thief has to do, is (for example, with Windows) look at the decoded file under AppData.

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    Hi RobinB. There's a thread somewhere that mentions`decrypted files being left behind in AppData so I installed a shutdown script that deletes everything in the File-Edit folder. Works for me but as you say if users don't know there are decrypted files left around then it could be a problem.

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    Hey guys, love the conversation.

    It really comes down to how much you need to protect your physical device and what your security stance is. If you are worried about the files in your %APPDATA% folder when your laptop is lost or stolen, I would recommend a full disk encryption tool to help prevent that.

    Viivo is and has always been built to protect files in the cloud. Thats where we started the product and has always been the goal. In version 1 & 2, we required all files to be decrypted on the device while maintaining a full sync'd encrypted copy in your cloud folder. In Viivo version 3, we introduced the idea of Lockers (without sync'd folders). This would allow users to only have the encrypted files on their machine* (outside of the files in %APPDATA% that have been decrypted by the user).

    Viivo is not and will never be a full disk encryption solution. If your major concern is losing your device and having someone take our your hard drive and mount it and steal your files from %appdata%, we suggest you look into full disk encryption solutions to mitigate that concern.

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    Hi Jack, I agree with what you're saying, I guess I'm a bit OCD and like things tidy. We're only going to use Viivo for its intended purpose and have BitLocker for full disk encryption.

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    Viivo simplifies key management across your devices while providing the ability to encrypt/decrypt files on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. Don't worry about securely transferring your keys to all your devices, Viivo can do that for you. Want to share files securely with another user? Great, Viivo can help securely manage the key exchange there too, without giving up user control of the encryption.

    Don't get me wrong, I would love it if Viivo did full disk encryption, but it's just not what we built the product to do. Since there are already a number of fantastic solutions that do it, it's something that just isn't a good fit for Viivo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack View Post
    Viivo is and has always been built to protect files in the cloud. Thats where we started the product and has always been the goal.
    Thanks Jack. That helps me a lot - I never realised!

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    Sadly this is a discussion that's rather apt for me at the moment having had my laptop stolen over the weekend

    I'm just looking at various options to increase my security and came across Viivo and havent' used it yet so forgive me if I've misunderstood something.

    Whilst I am currently encrypting my workstation hard drive with Diskcryptor this discussion looks interesting.

    Am I correct in thinking that if I setup the free version of Viivo it will:

    a) encrypt all of the data / files I store on the dropbox servers
    b) allow me to create Locker (without a non encrypted sync if required) which will encrypt all of the files within it (possibly my entire dropbox folder) locally as well as remotely

    Assuming this is correct then I'm pretty much there, the only question I would be is there a way of removing a device from my account so even in the absolute worse case scenario where a laptop was stolen and the thief could break your windows account password he still wouldn't be able to access the files stored within the Locker?

    P.S If anyone has any recommendations on pass word managers I'd be glad to hear them - the problem I've found with the ones I've looked at so far is that as far as I can tell in the above scenario (stolen laptop where they can get into your windows account) you can't block access to locally stored passwords - certainly for software like LastPass where if you've listed a device as trusted it last for 30 days, or a clever thief could get into your laptop without an internet connection and view locally stored passwords?

    Kind Regards


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    Disabling a device is not in the Viivo Free product. That is a feature in the Viivo for Business Admin Console. Sorry. The best and easiest was to "disable" a device as a free user is to change your password.

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