Dear Experts,

I recentry start using Viivo for Android to use Google Drive. Viivo for Android works fine for files like PDF or Text.
However, I am having a strange problem, that is following;
I am using free version of Viivo and full license version of Word for Android.
The Viivo encripted files are located on Google Drive.
When I opened an Viivo encrypted Word file, say "Myword.dox.viivo", using Viivo for the first time, I was able to open Myword.docx with no problem.
At this point, the Word opend the file as "read-only" status. So, I made a copy of it from Word's Save-as function. (Due to the problem, I deleted it later.)

Then, I edited "Myword.docx" trough Viivo under Wiindows 10 PC environment. All changes I made was properly saved in "Myword.dox.viivo".
I confirmed the changes were reflected in the Viivo encrypted file by viwing or decrypting that file. I saw no problem at all from PC environment.

Then, I opend that file using Viivo for Android - where I saw strange things happening.
Viivo invoked Word properly and Word started as read-only mode. That is same with the first time.
However, the contents of the file does not have any of edited part - it remaind same as initial file.
I confirmed this case by deleting all chache from Android and reboot my tablet, but nothing has changed.
Google Drive synced right.

I am not sure how and why, but it looks like MS Word or Viivo or some thing keeps first file and re-use it when the Word was invoked.

I wonder if anyone encountered similar problems.
If so, what is available to get around this issue?

I need some helps to solve this.
Thank you!