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Thread: My .rtfd files not encrypted

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    My .rtfd files not encrypted

    I just noticed that after encryption of some folders ( through the synced folder method ) when looking in the encrypted folder I see a whole load of .viivo encrypted files but one or two .rtfd files looking normal.
    I can't open them normally, so something has happened in the process, but they are not encrypted either.
    When I visit my cloud storage I can't open them there either, so they are changed online also ( Good ), when I download it I get the enclosed TXT.rtf.viivo and that text file does open, and the contents are the same as the original. Also Good!
    Why doesn't Viivo encrypt .rtfd in a normal way? Is it .rtfd that is weird - a text file with attachments?
    Guess so...
    Anyway loving the product very nicely put together.

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    .rtfd are "bundle" or package files. The are actually folders that your mac is presenting as files. If you right click on a non Viivo'd rtfd and select "Show Package Contents" you will see Finder actually open the folder and show you the files in it.

    Unfortunately Viivo sees the RTFD as a folder as well. Remember, Viivo encrypts files, not folders (since folders have 0 data). So RTFD (along with all other bundle files) create problems for Viivo. The only work around is to compress the RTFD into a zip, and just make a .viivo file from the .zip.

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