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Thread: Viivo with onedrive - 3 computers, 2 of them cloned

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    Viivo with onedrive - 3 computers, 2 of them cloned


    i am using viivo with dropbox and onedrive... its working well.. with 3 computers before.
    now i added another computer, which was created as a clone from one of the first before.
    i want to use another 3 one cloned... but i think there is a identify problem, or lets say.. the 2 identical computer don't work correct.
    i changed after the creation of the clone the computer name for sure, the ip adresse.. etc.. the two computers are also in the same network at home... the third one will be in another location.. but i think its maybe some configuration or registry entries...
    But when i remember correct i installed after the cloning again viivo.. but i am not sure..

    It's all only a backup case.. i don't need to work on the same files on all computers..
    Each computer only creates databases with diferent names etc. and is saving this in a local folder which is incrypted by viivo into the onedrive...
    Is there maybe a special advice how to make this kind of setup getting to work?

    Kind regards,


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    "Thanks" for the bullshit respond!
    Is there really nobody here in this forum who can gave a sinful information to this problem?
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    Sorry about that other reply (it was a bot, and the post has been deleted).

    Suggestion on cloning your systems - we would recommend making a clean base system to use. VIIVO can be installed on that base system, but do not configure VIIVO or One Drive until after the new clone is up and running.

    Once you are satisfied that the system is up, configure / sync OneDrive, then configure/sync VIIVO.

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    Hi Joe,

    thanks for the respond. That way of configuration was not possible, because i cloned my pos system.. and have to do this again with another new computer..
    After cloning I deactivated onedrive and deinstalled viivo and installed it again on the new system.
    I deleted all files on this computer.. also in onedrive... but the effect was that after having reinstalled it all files on the remote computer are deleted also but only on the office computer.. not on the master of this clone.
    one fault i think when i am reading your info was maybe that i didn't wait long enough before installing viivo again. and maybe i installed viivo and activated onedrive after the configuration of the viivo... so i thing it is important in which order i make this...
    but maybe i think also.. there are somewhere special config data on the cloned computers which are identical. i tried to kill everytgin in registry.. where to find more maybe ?

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    VIIVO creates a folder for program-related files under ~AppData/Local/. Before re-configuring the cloned system, we recommend renaming this VIIVO folder.

    Before configuring / activating VIIVO on the new cloned system, we recommend that you first configure One Drive, and let it fully synchronize before proceeding.

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    Hi Joe,
    thats not the solution!
    if i deinstall viivo this folder in APPData.. will be deleted completley!
    i deactivaded viivo and onedrive,. deinstalled viivo... .. all on one of the clone...
    and if i delete than all decrypted files in the viivo decryp folder... and activate viivo again... all files - decrypted and originals will be deleted also on the office computer, but nothing happens on the second clone!
    There have to be maybe another configuration of the identity of a computer... somewhere....
    I have no idean how to solute this problem....
    again the explanation:
    if i have a folder on a computer.. already installed viivo with onedrive... all files in this folder.... how to add a new computer that this one gets all the files?
    if i choose a local folder where the unencrypted files are.. and this folder is empty... it will delete also all files on the first computer... or ?

    how to act in this case ?
    and: where could maybe be this information.. that a cloned computer has the same identity like his master ?

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    Help us understand your cloning scenario - what are you wanting to accomplish in doing this?

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    Hi Joe,

    first i had one pos system in a shop and one office pc, syncronizing some files.. a mysql database f.ex. filename="" f.ex.
    Than i needed one pos system more.. so i cloned the pos computer - same hardware, all the viivo files and setups equal... i realized the problem later...
    After cloning i individualize the pos computer - change computer name etc... but i think i have to individualize also the viivo or onedrive config in some manner...
    This second pos computer should have all the synced files from the pos 1 and office computer... and this computer is producing everay day another mysql db file filename="" f.ex.
    My target is to have this files than syncronized on all computers, to have it especially on the office computer.

    And every change i will made in the office has to be synced to all pos computers.
    Its easy.
    but, i think because of having cloned the pos systems.. i have a problem.
    on every sync action - so if a file is changed on one pos computer.. the sync will be triggered and on the office computer appears this changings.
    But not on the other cloned computers... now i connected a thirst pos system... but it already failed with 2!
    when deleting all encrypted files and deeinstalling viivo on the new clone f.ex.... after installing all again this computer is syncing to the office one and deleting all.
    after a change on the office one its triggering to the other clone - also deleting all...
    there is no triggering from one clone to another... due to the same setup or id i guess.
    so: i can install it from the scratch... but i have to know how to do this... or how to act now in this state...

    hope you understand the problem...
    i don't need several states of one file f.ex.... this files are in all synced folders the same.. or they have another name because its another file.. like mysql zip from pos1 or pos2 or ...
    kind regards,


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    OK - Regarding your MYSQL database - were you wanting a scenario in which all of your systems could access / update the database simultaneously?

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    No, the db is only in a zip file - every computer diferent zip-file name.. no access simultaneasly...
    all computers only have to save their db-zip and it have to be on my office computer... but: like having cloned the systems the problem seems to be, that they don't recognize to be diferent computers.. or the office computer when syncing is not recognizing that the clients are diferent... i don't know....

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