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Thread: HELP! macOS folder customization or changer

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    HELP! macOS folder customization or changer

    Hi everyone, Anybody tell me an macOSX Applications that can change my folder icon, please. Thanks!

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    Folder icon designer

    Hello Sir,
    I'm using "Folder icon designer" by SM INC Co.,Ltd, that cool!
    You can down-load it from AppStore on your Mac OS X and use it quickly.
    Many icon to choose, many category and you can create yourself using any .png or .icns images that you have or download forum internet.
    Better than another apps.

    FREE download here -
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    great LuisTorres45!
    Way cool! My icons are beautiful now! Mac should come with this. Also, better features than the others I tried.
    Love this! Thanks for making it free.

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