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Thread: Files sent unencrypted to dropbox?

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    Files sent unencrypted to dropbox?

    I have copied a file "text.docx" (200MB) to my locker that is connected with my dropboxfolder

    I noticed that while the file is being encrypted the unencrypted text.docx is uploaded to dropbox (which makes sense - why should dropbox not upload it ?)
    Once the encryption has finished the unencrypted text.docx is simply deleted and text.docx.viivo remains

    However, since the unencrcypted file was sent to the dropbox server I was able to recover the deleted unencrypted file using the Dropbox webinterface and "recover deleted files" feature

    So is it true that the unencryted file is uploaded to dropbox while viivo creates an encrypted version of the file?

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    Could you send your Log Files for review?

    Open your VIIVO Manager, hold down the SHIFT Key while double-clicking the Settings icon, then click the "Send Log Files" button.

    Also, is the file in question actually named text.docx? If not, could you PM me the actual file name?

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    I'm seeing something similar and after reading the forum posts others are as well in varying degrees. How can we "cloud with confidence" if unencrypted versions of our files mysteriously appear in our "encrypted lockers"....

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