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Thread: Files Not Being Encrypted

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    Files Not Being Encrypted

    Hi. I set up a new cloud locker with sync disabled that I put in my Amazon Drive folder. What I noticed today is that the files are on Amazon servers in the clear. Needless to say, this i concerning. How do I know if the software is functioning properly? I'm assuming it isn't, but could clearly be missing something.

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    Nothing huh? And you want to sell this to the government? FIPS 140-2 means nothing if you can't get sync and encryption right. No excuse for this behavior...

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    Viivo can gaurentee clear text files do not hit your cloud provider when you are using synced lockers. In an unsybced locker, Viivo will attempt to encrypt the files before a cloud provider uploads them. For Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and GoogleDrive, Viivo will move the files placed in a non sync locker and encrypt them and put them back. For other cloud providers (like Amazon), Viivo only does an "encryption in place". This will encrypt the plain text file and then delete the plain text file. This happens in the folder you have a locker defined as. So if your provider is faster than Viivo is encrypting, you can see plain text files hitting your cloud storage.

    Hope this makes sense and gives you some direction.

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    Thanks for your reply Jack. It does and I get it. If it's expected behavior I think this is something that should be **explicitly** called out in your documentation. I had files that were leaked to the cloud that I wasn't comfortable sending to the cloud. Although I clearly could have missed something.

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