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Thread: New user - a couple of questions

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    Question New user - a couple of questions


    I am testing the waters trying to move from OneNote to a file folder cloud based system for storing personal data. Data protection is a big part of this and Viivo looks like it could work very well for it. I plan on using it with Google Drive.

    I am currently only able to access it on iOS since the service seems to be blocked at work.

    A couple questions:

    1) it appears there's no way to create an encrypted folder on iOS, only individual files can be encrypted - is this right ? Can I set up an encrypted folder on another platform and have files automatically encrypted on iOS when I send them to Viivo ?

    2) When I send a file to Viivo, the original is retained and has to be manually deleted. Again, is this by design and is there an option to erase the file automatically ?

    3) I assume no unencrypted temp versions of files are stored anywhere - is this correct ?

    4) Can Viivo be used on Linux under Wine or similar ?

    Thank you !

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    1. viivo has to be setup on a workstation prior to being used on a mobile device
    2. I'm not sure what you mean by "send a file to viivo". Here is a link that talks about lockers:
    3. there can be residual unencrypted temp copies in the temp folder, these would need to be cleaned up manually
    4. there is no reason to believe that it couldn't be, but I'm not aware of anyone doing so.

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