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Thread: Viivo loses files when it quarantines!

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    Viivo loses files when it quarantines!

    Dear all,
    I just discover Viivo is making me lose files and I have no idea how many files I have lost because of this. I just noticed this bug! I am using 3.0.102.
    I am synchronizing a windows computer with a mac computer through dropbox.
    Viivo quarantined a lot of my files on the Mac side of my system by changing the name (Quarantine YYMMDD) Name of File. Then Viivo ignores the files on the Mac side because they are quarantined. The files will not synchronize anymore with Windows and on the Windows side they go to the trash bin. And obviously the risk that you empty your trash bin is very high. I do not know how many files I have lost this way.
    I am really worried.
    What can I do? Do you have some idea?

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    could you send us your log files from both machines and let us know what email the viivo account is registered under? you can send your log files by opening the Viivo Manager, hold down the SHIFT key, and double-click on Settings in the lower-left. This will bring up a window that contains a "Send Log Files" button.

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    i had the same problem but thanks to Jimmie, problem just solved

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