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In looking at your logs, we don't see anything encrypted with VIIVO.

Here is what we see for your locker setup:

"encryptedPath": "C:\\Users\\matzpen\\SkyDrive\\\u05de\u05e1\u05de\ u05db\u05d9\u05dd"

"decryptedPath": "C:\\Users\\matzpen\\Documents\\onedrive decrypt"

The only files we see in the new logs are *.url files, and I'm not sure if we actually encrypt these. Can you do the following:

1. Create a test text file on your desktop.
2. Copy/Paste the file file into the folder C:\Users\matzpen\Documents\onedrive decrypt\
3. See if it encrypts to the SkyDrive folder (not sure of the exact name, as I believe those are UTF8 characters).
4. Give us the name of the text file, and again upload the log files for review.

Also -

The attached image is a screenshot of the viivo file properties, not a message about a decryption error. Perhaps see if you can Right-Click >>> VIIVO >>> Open/Edit. If that fails send us a screenshot of that.
I created a new text file named test file, copied it to onedrive decrypt folder and it was encrypted and uploaded succesfully.
I laso uploded the log files. As for the original problematic file - attached a screenshot of the error message.
error screenshot.png