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Thread: encryption in a shared folder when a guest adds files

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    encryption in a shared folder when a guest adds files

    I just started using Viivo and have created a locker which I have shared with a friend. The locker is unsynced on both of our computers, meaning there is no decrypted version stored locally on either of our machines.

    This person can see and decrypt all of the contents of the shared folder in their computer, as you would hope and expect. So far so good. But when they add files directly to the shared locker, the files appear to remain unencrypted for some time

    They later appear encrypted on my computer.

    My question is: are the new contents being sent through the cloud unencrypted, and only being encrypted once they reach my computer (when my instance of Viivo sees the new, unencrypted files appearing in the locker)?

    This seems like an obvious security problem so I am hoping not, but it wasn't clear that the new files were being encrypted locally in my friends instance of the shared locker.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    It sounds as though your friend's locker either is not quite set up as desired, or they may not have been logged into VIIVO at the time the files were placed into the folder. Both conditions must be met in order for VIIVO to see / process the files.

    We recommend working with your friend to give this a quick check, then use a test file to verify.

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    Thanks for the help. You are correct, they did not completely register the locker with their instance of Viivo. As a result, they could decrypt files but not encrypt.

    Problem has been resolved by confirming the setup in the locker tab of the manager.

    Thanks again.

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    That's great!

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