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Thread: Best practice for employee termination?

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    Question Best practice for employee termination?

    We would like to protect our information and ensure that it is not shared out without our approval. We would also like to regain the information that is encrypted within a locker.

    What is the best practice for when an employee leaves the organization? Will it be best to utilize the domain email account to ensure access can be removed immediately?

    What if the folders are non-Sync folders and thus all the files are encrypted?


    I was told that removal of the pro license will reduce the number of lockers available to 5. The 5 lockers left would be decided upon by the account in question.

    I was also informed that other uses who share to the account that is leaving the organization will need to stop sharing with the account.

    If the lockers are not Sync lockers, what will be the best way to recover/decrypt the file from the directories that are no longer lockers? Will it auto decrypt? Will we able to change the password on the account and then double click the files to read them?
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    Hi jchinfatt - You and I have covered this topic in-depth via support cases, e-mail exchanges and phone calls. I wanted to leave a note here in the event others have the same question.

    Viivo's key management is focused on the end user owning the keys vs the IT administrator, thus you're not going to easily be able to accomplish that which you seek. That said, if you control the e-mail domain of the user account, the device the user logs into and can regularly backup the %LocalAppData%\Viivo directory on the system(s) in question, you should be able to recover accounts after employees have left the organization as follows:
    1. Install Viivo on recovery system
    2. Stop (Exit) Viivo
    3. Restore AppData from backup (target system)
    4. Start Viivo and initiate password recovery
    5. Intercept recovery code via end users mailbox
    6. Reset password and decrypt data

    It's worth mentioning that PKWARE does build enterprise encryption and key management solutions that integrate with your IAM provider as well as provide advanced key recovery capabilities for your security admins. You can find more information about those products on

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    Thanks Matt, I am looking for the same information.

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    Hold the end meeting at once and area that will diminish the probability of contact with the worker's associates. Hold the gathering by the day's end and enable the representative to pack up his or Help With Assignment her own things after others have gone home. Ensure you, or somebody you confide in, remains with the fired representative now.

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    the best practice for employee for our information saves in private.and this information can't share our without our information.this is nice idea to share thank you so much

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