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Thread: Is it ok to delete temp files?

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    Is it ok to delete temp files?


    The viivo temp files is growing bigger and now it's 6gb. It's taking up a big chunk of my c drive and its also having a runtime error. Is it ok to delete temp files? Or, is it possible relocate (and how if ever)? I uninstalled some of the programs that I seldom use to free up some space. If i just reinstall would it make any difference?

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    Before deleting the TMP files, we need to find out why there are so many. The Viivo log files can help us do just that.

    Can we have you send us your log files for analysis? To upload the logs:

    - Open the Viivo Manager
    - Shift-Key + Double-click on the "Settings" Icon
    - Click on the "Send Log Files" button

    Let us know when the logs have been sent, and also let us know the e-mail address you are using for your Viivo account (you may PM me that information if you prefer).

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