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Thread: Can I delete these files?

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    Can I delete these files?

    My Dropbox folder has, in addition to the encrypted file, 25 files with file names such as CC914E00 and F708AE00. These are a mixture of documents of zero size or Unix executable files of around 800 bytes. Their creation dates go back to March 2016. Can I delete any of these? Should I do so? and if so which?

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    Before we can make any recommendations whether or not to delete the files, we need to learn more about them. The Viivo log files can help us do just that.

    Can we have you send us your log files for analysis? To upload the logs:

    - Open the Viivo Manager
    - Shift-Key + Double-click on the "Settings" Icon
    - Click on the "Send Log Files" button
    - Also - please give us the names of a few of the more recent files in question

    Let us know when the logs have been sent, and also let us know the e-mail address you are using for your Viivo account (you may PM me that information if you prefer).

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